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Hey, it's Alayna.

I love you. Please stay..


no matter how many followers i get i swear nobody actually read my posts

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Working at Snowflake has helped me realized how much more I hate people.

That’s so fucking retarded. You’re taking the car away when I’m the one that’s actually giving it use. I’m the one that pays for the gas. I’m the fucking one that’s been taking care of that damn car. And you’re the one that’s never home. You’re spending all this fucking money on stupid trips that you can’t even afford. I took days off just to spend time with you. But what do you do? All you do is sleep, you lazy ass. You don’t do anything. How did you even earn the title to be called a mother? You don’t do anything that a mother should do. You don’t take care of me. You don’t cook. You don’t clean until only your shit is dirty. You’re useless. You should just get the hell out of my life already, or I’ll just find a way to finally get out of yours. You’re a piece of shit.

"My mother is worried I have mental problems." - Submarine (2011)